Need Writer for League of Legends News Website – Long term, Cheap rates – Quality

Written by  on November 16, 2017

Hello we are looking for a writer for a game like League of legends, the news have the exact same structure as many Lol news have.

You should know the game and what it is about, you should be able to write like an expert and not like a Amazon review blogger.

If you dont know what kind of articles league of legends has then please skip =)

Looking for someone who can send bulk email

Written by  on November 14, 2017

Hello i need someone who has a software to send mass emails to my email list, we will set a price per email or a fixed price per send and i want to work on long term so dont come with overprices or i buy the tool my self :D

Need simpel wordpress website, with Data entry/Paymentwall/Orderpanel

Written by  on November 10, 2017

Hello i want to create a shop to sell a product.

I want to create a simple looking WordPress Website and put some information on it.

The essential features are:

– Data Entry to submit data ( people provide account data when they buy our service )

– Payment panel, a simple and good payment panel where people can send all payments ( pls suggest me one, not just paypal … )

– Basic stuff like facebook button, Contact, Faq

If you are able to start right now and create this fast please…

Need simpel wordpress website, with Data entry/Paymentwall/Orderpanel

need to create a webpanel TODAY ( Database, Import Export easy )

Written by  on November 9, 2017

Hello i need to create a simple webpanel today, if you are familiar with databases, webpanels then you are good to go.

what we do is:

We will create User/passwords for all of our clients, each of them can log into our panel.

When they are in the panel, they are able to Import data and once they imported it they see the orders all the time ( live time, when we change something in this data … it will also change for the cliient )

We as admin are able to see all imported order from…

need to create a webpanel TODAY ( Database, Import Export easy )

is it safe to grow accs with followliker ? what numbers can i expect

Written by  on November 6, 2017

Hello i have a question, i hear a lot about bans for the spam method when you put that link into your bio.

What if do the same method but grow the accs without links just building on content ( still following 100s, a day ofc with old accs ).

is there any problems witht his kind of method ? i look to build a lot of accs on long term and i dont want my accs get banned, what problems could i face when i buy aged accs ? reverification ? Id verifiaction ? ban ?

please give me some advice

looking for Android Game bot ( Expert level ) (Niche, big $$$$ first bot on market )

Written by  on November 6, 2017

Hello i am searching for a bot coder who want to make huge bank, its an android game and the game is not very complex to play, there is some buttons to click through ( always same ) and you can play the game on autopilot, just have to move a little bit ( it even have auto aim etc )

I have big contacts to supplier and i can make this thing rly big, if you think you can automate android games ( maybe evne do a clientless bot if its not encrypted ) then call me.

This game will be as big as…

looking for Android Game bot ( Expert level ) (Niche, big $$$$ first bot on market )

Looking for Ebay seller who can sell my product ( in bulk, digital product )

Written by  on November 5, 2017

hello i am looking to partner/hire some big ebay seller who sell my digital product in bulk.

Good thing is that this product is traded very very often (1000s of times daily) on ebay and we can underprice the concurrent by 2-3X the price….

if youre interested into some nice profit let me know

Is there dropshipping service which handle all orders, refunds etc ?

Written by  on November 4, 2017

Hello i want to ask if there exist dropshipping services which handle everything from refunds to shipping etc.

I know alieexpress but i think its like i sell something on my site and then i have to buy it on aliexpress and put in the adress from my customer ? is that true ? if not please tell me how it works

I need a cheap website coder for an auction house

Written by  on November 4, 2017

Hello i want to create an auction house like poe trade

People need to Reg1ster
People need an postbox to chat with other people
Profile will only use their Ingamename, Other contacts like Skipe adress

People want to open auctions, set up an auction with Item type, Stats, Buy price etc.
People need to see their running auctions and can cancel them.

people should be able to send bin and bids to the profile who made the auction and the auction guy should be able to respond to them by…

I need a cheap website coder for an auction house

Any experts here in Game botting/Automation Bots ?

Written by  on November 4, 2017

Hello i am an expert in the niche Gamebotting and hope to find here some other automation experts who want to exchange information etc maybe there are even private groups to exchange.

If you want to know about my skill level please feel free to private message me =)

I am open for any kind of autopilot software, we can write it – plan it – search for new games to bot etc