Why or Why wouldn’t ebay accept this feature?

Written by  on January 14, 2018

There are so many new performance standards for sellers but it seems like hardly any for buyers.

It would be nice if ebay could create a feature that allows sellers to see a buyer's performance rating, too.
Not just their feedback because obviously now that is a mute point. Every buyer is going to have 100% positive feedback (still, what a dumb idea by ebay).

It would be nice to see how many times they have opened up a case (whether it be for items not received, item not as described,…

Why or Why wouldn't ebay accept this feature? ^(http://marathishabda.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/why-or-why-wouldnt-ebay-accept-this-feature.1001172/)

YouTube and GoPro, match made in heaven?

Written by  on January 12, 2018

I'm not a youtuber and I don't own a gopro either (not yet).
I watch a lot of random youtube videos each night before I go to bed lol.
During this journey through youtube's rabbit hole, I'm starting to see a pattern here.
While I know this statement is a generalization, I'm going to say it anyway. It really
seems like everyone is starting to make money on youtube simply by using a gopro.

Obviously, for every 1 successful YT channel, there's probably 10,000 that fail. But
it really does…

YouTube and GoPro, match made in heaven? ^(http://marathishabda.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/youtube-and-gopro-match-made-in-heaven.1001179/)

For Ebay Sellers, just an idea….

Written by  on January 8, 2018

Okay, I know this might sound idealistic or maybe even naive, but isn't this theoretically possible?
As you know that small time ebay sellers can't really afford to have any defects else risk going below standard and basically making no sales since your listings will be at the bottom where maybe only 2 or 5 people might see it the whole month. The key seems to be "transactions". The more transactions you can make, the better you can handle having a defect.

So if you have 997 out of 1000…

For Ebay Sellers, just an idea…. ^(http://marathishabda.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/for-ebay-sellers-just-an-idea.999664/)