Hashtags instead of keywords?

Written by  on January 17, 2018

Anyone use hashtags for anchor text? OR just as keywords in content? Trying to think how a hashtag can be worse than actual keyword?

Using #hashtags instead of keywords in local citations?

Written by  on January 17, 2018

instead of using keywords would using hashtags work better #proteinshake instead of protein shake?

Would hashtag be worse than regular keyword somehow?

Godaddy SEO service?

Written by  on January 16, 2018

Godaddy asks me at checkout if i wqnt to add on search visibility for $6.99 a month? Is this a total noob thing or can it help with SEO if you are already doing it on your own? Anyone test it?

Best wordpress plugins for SEO?

Written by  on January 16, 2018

I have mac so cant really run many programs. Looking for wp plugins


any twitter wordpress plugins?

Written by  on January 15, 2018

besides repost…any automation software?

Will these links hurt my rank?

Written by  on January 8, 2018

DA: 60 PA: 29 CF: 6: TF: 0

DA: 99 PA: 20 CF: 5 TF: 0

I am worried about the trust factor = 0

Will these links bring my TF down? Or wont hurt it? Current TF ~30


St or Street in address???

Written by  on January 7, 2018

In Google listing on map the address name shows up as "St" for example: 123 Maple St

But in Google My Business dashboard it shows up as "Street" i.e. 123 Maple Street

So for local citations/bookmarking should we be using 123 Maple Street or 123 Maple St?

Or does it not matter to Google?


how to rank on Bing and Yahoo?

Written by  on January 6, 2018

My keywords are ranking find on google (page 1 for most keywords), but on Bing and Yahoo not ranking at all. How do I get these keywords to rank on Bing and Yahoo? This is important as Bing and Yahoo are allegedly 30% of all searches