Why do I want bitcoin? I don’t want bitcoin, I want money.

Written by  on January 5, 2018 


So bitcoin is spoiling my mind right now. Since the past 2 days I have been reading about it, tried mining with my pc which come out to make about $1/month, then learn about antminer s9 which I am never gonna buy.

I wonder, if someone would give me 1 bitcoin, I would be more excited about it, then if someone give me $20,000

And I don't feel as motivated to earn $1,000/day from ecommerce as much as I get excited and motivated to buy antminer s9 which cost $5000 and will earn me…

Why do I want bitcoin? I don't want bitcoin, I want money. ^(http://marathishabda.com/goto/https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/why-do-i-want-bitcoin-i-dont-want-bitcoin-i-want-money.999493/)

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